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About this amazing home

Versatile approximately 4.5 acres of land for either home, business or both. House (1543 sq. ft.) is built with antique double layered firebrick.

Multipurpose engineered 30’ by 60’ (1800 sq. ft.) insulated metal building with full electric outlets and lights for garage or business with plumbing roughed-in for a bathroom or mud room.

Backyard has several large pecan trees and a beautiful large magnolia tree.

There is a large, approximately 1/4 acre chain link fenced backyard. In the backyard is a smaller chain link fenced dog pen, which is approximately 500 square feet.

There is a ground water well perfect for irrigation. There is city water, of course.

Plenty of land to have your own walking trails or build a guest house or swimming pool. There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, rabbits, deer, quail, and turkeys have been recently heard or seen.

A covered patio connects the house to garage. So, no frost to clean off the car in winter. It also protects the car from heat in summer. Groceries can be unloaded while you stay dry if it is raining. The covered patio has a small, but deep 100 gallon fish pond which could make a beautiful planter.

The 1000 gallon septic tank and leach field were new in 2004. The lines are buried at least 18 inches. This is big enough for a four-bedroom house.

If this is too much land for you, sell half, and you can still have or do all of the above. If you only want a nice front yard and backyard, sell back half of the property to neighbors, and the south fourth on the highway to anyone or a neighbor. The house roof was new in 2008 and the air conditioning and heating unit was new in 2013.

The living room has an interesting feature of two brick inside walls and has new tile floor. There is also a wood burning fireplace. There is a dining room and large kitchen with two bedrooms. There are two complete bathrooms. The utility room is large enough for a washer/dryer/natural gas water heater and a deep freezer. There is new tile floor in both bathrooms and kitchen. Dining room has hardwood floor. Both bedrooms were carpeted in 2009, and the carpeting is still like new. The sunroom has its own heating and cooling unit. This room is quite versatile. It is relaxing, but can be used as a great guestroom, bedroom, office, etc.

Dining Room


Living Room




A little bit of our History...

Versatile approximately 4.5 acres of land for either home, business or both. House (1543 sq. ft.) is built with antique double layered firebrick.

This has been a one family home. My parents bought it new in 1957. I was born in 1958.

My dad, after working all day, dug old, antique fire brick out of the mud from the old brick smelter bringing them home in his Chevy truck; when they built the living room with a fireplace and a second bathroom on in 1968, the brick matched. When we added the sunroom in 2004, there were enough of those bricks left to put around the sunroom.

Then when we added the covered patio, there were still enough bricks left to do the patio floor.

When my mother could not live alone after my father passed, she gave it to me, their only child, in 2004. I love this place and never thought I would consider selling it, but life changes.

Daddy planted the pecan trees, and they can produce many pecans when cared for properly. Lately, we have just watched the birds and squirrels enjoy them.

My pride and joy is the magnolia tree. Daddy planted it in 1967 for me when I was nine because I loved those trees so much; it fit in a five gallon bucket then. I always helped him in the large garden he made after working all day when I was little.

This house has character. It reminds me of a charming gingerbread house. The dining room, the bedrooms, and connecting hallway have walls that are a stucco like finish from the original 1957 house.

There is a framed cubby hole looking from dining room (which was the original living room) into the kitchen where the old fashioned telephone set.

The original bathroom and kitchen walls are all of the same ceramic blocks from top to bottom, a neutral pale yellow on top and gray/green on the bottom with a stained wood molding strip separating the two colors. Most of the original wood is still in the house including the wood cabinets in the kitchen.

The garage was built in 1988, and my dad used the back as a workshop and the front to park two cars. There is a single garage door at the back, so three family vehicles could be parked easily. There would still be plenty of space for a work shop. The plumbing for a bathroom is roughed in for city water, and the well water pump is in the garage all protected from the elements. A family could live here and/or have a business in the garage. The house and garage could both be used in a business.

One friend thought to build a couple of guest cabins in back for guests to relax, live in the house, and turn the garage into a church. The possibilities are endless. It could be all torn down and something entirely new built. I just hope the new owners keep the magnolia tree.



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